Specialized Demolition

Eliminate Your Issue with Heavy Metal

When it comes to demolition, an expert touch isn’t just desired… It’s necessary. This can be the difference between a job well done and a botched worksite, but it can also be the difference between safe employees and harmful injuries.

Heavy Metal is proud to offer Specialized Demolition services that provide solutions to complex problems at plants, factories, industrial sites, or commercial properties. We specialize in safely and effectively demolish concrete structures, and are the only local company to offer expert boiler and steel mez removal.

The Heavy Metal team is equipped with the training, equipment, and expertise to navigate size constraints and difficult areas to ensure that your demolition project can be accomplished effectively and safely. We appreciate that our clients need top-tier results… And they need them efficiently. That’s why we pledge to turn your needs into solutions so that you can move on with your business’s goals.

Call Heavy Metal Supply today to schedule your demolition project - we’ll make that cumbersome element on your property a thing of the past.

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