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Heavy Metal exists to provide the best solutions to our customers’ needs - no matter how big or small. As the region’s prime steel supply, mobile welding, machine shop and fabrication corporation, we are proud to deliver exceptional results to our clients. This is achieved through seasoned expertise, a professional approach, and dedicated customer service. This is accomplished by:

  • Fielding precise measurements to eliminate mistakes
  • Fabricating and installing our own products to guarantee top-tier quality
  • Communicating with clients throughout the project to ensure objectives are met

At Heavy Metal, we believe that customers should be able to count on one reliable source for all of their supply, welding, machine shop and fabrication needs. That’s why we offer a full suite of services, providing expertise in:

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    Offering technicians certified in Metal Inert Gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG), and STIG welding, customers can count on top-tier results when they choose Heavy Supply. We work with a number of mediums to provide tailored solutions to any worksite needs.

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    Our services ensure that your structure will stand strong and secure for years to come. We specialize in industrial sites, factories, and plants, providing that precise outcome for your property’s needs.

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    We combine extensively trained technicians with top-tier technology to get you the best results possible. Installations and custom fabrication are our specialties, providing the expert touch that will get your machinery up and running smoothly and successfully.

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    Let us do the heavy lifting! We offer the equipment and the experience to rig materials and matter of virtually any size, shape, and weight.

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    The Heavy Metal team specializes in finding solutions to difficult worksites. Our specialized demolition services can work with size constraints, and tough areas so that you can get the outcome you desire… safely and effectively.

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    Experience exceptional results, precise craftsmanship, and professional efficiency when you choose Heavy Metal Supply. Get your free estimate today!

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